Quality - Laboratory Scope

3.1 Thickness Testing
X-ray Fluorescence Testers
Determine thickness and content of plated surfaces.
Reference ASTM B568
Coulometric Thickness Tester
Determine thicknessof plated surfaces.
Reference ASTM B504
3.2 Solderability Testing
Solder Pot
Determine the solderability of Tin plating
Reference ASTM B545
3.3 Steam Age Testing
Steam Vessel and Heating Unit
Determine the solderability of Tin plating
Mil. Std 202F.
ANSI 002A,
ASTM B579-73,
Siemens Spec. 14N0345
3.4 Adhesion Testing
Hand Tools
Use bend test, scribe / grid test, or burnishing test to determine the quality of a plating finish
ASTM B571-97
3.5 Plating Bath Analysis
Titration equipment, Hull Cell
Determine the levels of various bath components to maintain process control.
Metal Finishing
Manufacturer Specifications
3.6 Temperature Measurement
Monitoring the temperature of the solder pot as well as various plating baths
NIST Special Publication 819
3.7 Reflectivity
Gloss Meter
Determine the reflectivity/gloss of various finishes
Metal Finishing Guidebook
3.8 Waste Water Quality Measurement
Determine levels of regulated substances within discharged waste water.
USEPA method 8506 & 8150
3.9 Oven Testing
Convection and IR Reflow ovens
Determine the effects of high temperatures on various finishes
3.10 PH Measurement
PH Meters
Determine the pH of various plating baths to maintain plating quality
3.11 Surface Roughness
Check surface roughness of customer base material and finished plated surfaces
ISO 4287:1997

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